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Our bread is made in-house using natural yeast and undergoes a long controlled temperature fermentation (for 24 hours).


Bread holds great historical importance in Puglia, serving as a crucial element in mealtimes and symbolizing inclusivity and family gatherings. For us, bread carries a significant meaning as it was a fundamental component of the "cucina povera," the humble cuisine of our tradition. Even today, Nonna Rosetta bakes fresh bread at home.  And don’t forget to use it for ‘’scarpetta’’, the delightful practice of savoring every last bit of sauce with a piece of bread!

For bread preparation, we use wheat germ and cereal seeds, mixed with stone-ground soft wheat flour, and blended with "grossetto," a typical flour from the ancient Pace and Pinto family mill in Castellana Grotte,  active since 1928.

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